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Shenlong - Green Dragon #17 || Hungry Dragon [FHD-1080p]

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Published on 06 Apr 2018 / In Gaming

Hungry Dragon [FHD-1080p]: Shenlong - Green Dragon #17. Shenlong is the dragon from East and one of Zhé Long costumes Wise and swift, master of the old Dragon ways.

How to download Hungry Dragon: https://youtu.be/nIl74Zct08s
How to play Hungry Dragon? Play With The GAMES :)
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Unleash fiery fury from above in Hungry Dragon, a fun and frantic action-arcade rampage where everything and everyone is on the menu! Control ferocious dragons, flying, burning and devouring your way through a medieval realm packed with deliciously unsuspecting prey!

• Collect 10 ferocious, fire-breathing Dragons, each unique in their own way
• Unlock crazy Costumes to fly faster, burn bigger, and eat more
• Equip exotic Pets to boost your burning and biting power
• Level up by feasting on tasty townsfolk and other delicious prey

• Explore and destroy villages, forests, caves, mines and more
• Smash through obstacles to access new zones and hidden areas
• Feed on more for a higher score – Hungry Dragons are never satisfied!

• Go on a grilling spree in a huge free-roaming kingdom in epic 3D
• Activate Fire Rush and release an inferno incinerating all in your path!
• Roast a medieval feast of birds, soldiers, trolls, witches, and much more

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